Trump “will not prevent” a limitation of the scope of the Russian investigation

On Sunday, Donald Trump said in interview with Fox News that he will not step in if his new justice minister, Matthew Whitaker, decides to limit the scope of the investigation by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

In this interview on Friday, the US president added that he would probably refuse to answer the questions of Robert Mueller, who also seeks to establish whether there was collusion between his campaign team and Moscow, and if Donald Trump later found himself guilty of obstructing justice.

Whitaker, who has strongly criticized the Russian investigation in the past and suggested cutting funds to Mueller, has been responsible for overseeing it since Trump appointed him chief prosecutor on Nov. 7 to replace Jeff Session s, which he obtained. resignation.

The Democratic opposition, which considers Whitaker a “lackey” of Trump, suspects him of being appointed to the post for the sole purpose of torpedoing Mueller’s work.

n the interview with Fox News, the US president argues that it is up to Matthew Whitaker, and himself alone, to decide the fate of the inquiry and says he “does not will not mix. “He is very clever politically … He will do what is good,” he says.

Trump, who considers Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt”, adds that Whitaker “was absolutely right” to say before his appointment that there was no collusion between the entourage of the Republican candidate and the Russian authorities.

The Democrats, who will return in January to a majority in the House of Representatives after their success in the midterm elections of November 6, promised to do everything to prevent the Russian investigation is buried.

“We will point out any responsibility that (Whitaker) could have in this,” said Adam Schiff, the main Democratic Democrat on the House’s Intelligence Committee, on ABC.

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