Tigers Maul Elderly Zookeeper

A zoo that had been shut down due to the economic crisis became a grisly setting for an animal attack that left a 72 year-old caretaker dead in northern Italy on Tuesday night.

Mauro Lagiard was the caretaker for the closed zoo that shut down in 2010 near Turin. He and his wife have lived on the zoo property since it had closed and had been caring for the animals.

Lagiard entered the cage that housed a pack of tigers, including some recently born tiger cubs, and was attacked by the alpha male. He was drug over 100 feet and was torn to pieces by the animals. The man’s wife witnessed the attacks and contacted authorities.

It wasn’t the first time the man had been attacked by the very same tiger. He was injured two years early but returned to his caretaking job days after being released from the hospital.

Others who lived nearby have claimed that they fear the animals on the closed animal sanctuary because they are under fed and have been known as aggressive.
It took nearly an hour for authorities to be able to reach Lagiard’s body. After he was recovered the animals were taken into protective custody. Their fate has yet to be decided.

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