Vatican Banker Arrested in Alleged 20 Million Euros Money-Laundering Plot

An Italian monsignor who served as the Pope’s Vatican accountant has been arrested by Italian authorities on suspicion of being involved in a corrupt plot to transport about 20 million euros in cash into the country from Switzerland.

Monsignor Nuncio Scarano has already been under investigation for a separate money-laundering plot involving Vatican finances. Greed seems to be the major motive for the recently suspended accountant to try to sneak such a large amount of cash into the country aboard a private airplane.

Just 48 hours prior to Monsignor Scarano’s arrest, Pope Francis appointed an official commission to investigate years worth of questions regarding financial scandal occurring through the Vatican bank which has given it a reputation for being a corrupt and unregulated haven for tax cheats.

There are many who believe that the unprecedented resignation of Pope Benedict earlier this year to make way for a new pontiff was directly related to growing scandals about the operation of the Vatican Bank.

Pope Francis, who has joked that there was no bank account for St. Peter to draw upon, is seen as a serious financial reformer who wants to get to the bottom of the ongoing financial corruption plaguing the Roman Catholic Church.

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